"I have been a lifetime resident of the San Fernando Valley where I have worked to build a better future for all of us.  I have witnessed the resilience of the communities through earthquakes, fires, floods, droughts, and gas leaks which have rendered detrimental outcomes for many of our neighbors, including homelessness, economic challenges, and educational deficiencies. 
We have a need to develop additional living wage employment opportunities that lead to safe and secure housing.  I also believe that we must provide additional support to our children by improving the quality of education, as well as create safer neighborhoods by implementing restorative justice practices  which reduce crime and recidivism.  Further, I believe in providing businesses with incentives to provide jobs to residents as well as taking proactive steps to preserve the environment.  With nearly two decades in public service and government experience, I am confident in my ability to advocate for services on behalf of the West San Fernando Valley and adjoining cities within the 45th Assembly District."

I believe that California's K-12 education was once the envy of America. The California Master Plan for Higher Education made our California Community Colleges (CCC), California State University System (CSU), and University of California (UC) models for the world.  I will work tirelessly to build upon this tradition of excellence.

I also believe that reducing elementary school truancy can help lead to improved academic opportunities for students later in life as well as decreased crime rates in our society as a result.

I will work to protect Public Libraries in the 45th Assembly District from being shut down as well as from facing a reduction in services such as internet accessibility.


I will work to protect and promote the construction of affordable housing to alleviate and prevent homelessness, and develop supportive housing with continuum of care services to help homeless people re-establish themselves as self-sufficient contributors to society.

I also encourage incentives to reclaim and redevelop old abandoned buildings and brownfield.

I will dedicate myself to broadening financial assistance for accessible housing, vehicles and durable medical equipment to give much-needed monetary assistance for individuals to pay for improvements to their equipment beyond the Medicare / Medi-Cal rate.


I am a champion for robust VA facilities  for our Veterans.  I will insist that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides comprehensive and timely, wrap-around health and mental healthcare to all veterans and their families, including those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), which will decrease incidents of domestic violence and suicide;

Also, I believe in an easier and more comprehensive Medicare system for those eligible.  I support a national, taxpayer-funded health care system that would extend Medicare to more Americans and eliminate the need for a temporary discontinuance of services.


I advocate for the safeguarding of California’s many environmental protection laws from efforts to weaken them.

Further, I believe in preserving the state's natural resources.  Additionally, I believe in reducing the negative impact of Climate Change and  encouraging a global agenda for viable solutions to climate change.

Also, I believe in the permanent closure of the Aliso Canyon gas facility which led to detrimental outcomes for the residents of the valley, including relocation, loss of income and heath effects.   I support efforts to stop the gas wells in the San Fernando Valley from coming back online and to require the safety testing of all fracking and oil and gas wells throughout the state.

I support the Sierra Club of the San Fernando Valley's advocacy work to protect and preserve our local natural resources.



I believe in supporting the end to acts of Racial Injustice such as racial profiling.  I also believe that crime prevention and rehabilitation are essential to our families, our communities, and the state budget.  I am dedicated to ensuring that our criminal justice system provides fair and equitable treatment for all.  "Further, I believe that "smart on crime" must include evidence-based criminal justice prevention programs and investment in alternatives to incarceration and services as the best use of taxpayer funds.

Additionally, LA County is regarded as the epicenter for human trafficking.  As an advocate for fighting against human trafficking I will work diligently to reduce the amount of victims involved in  this global issue.  

I also advocate for the reauthorization of DACA to provide services for undocumented individuals.

Public Safety

I am committed to ending mass incarceration in California prisons and jails. We need to prioritize building schools, not jails. We must invest in proven strategies to prevent crime including providing structured preschool and afterschool programs for youth, as well as programs to promote school retention and promote graduation. We will work to end the practice of racial profiling, from surveillance through charging and sentencing.  Also, I am an advocate of improving public safety by incorporating practices which reduce recidivism.


The pay gap between men and women in California is nearly $79 billion per year.  I believe in supporting equal pay for equal work. 

Additionally, I will work to continue to encourage the sustainable growth of small businesses, which serve as the backbone of California's economy.  Also, I will work to continue to support and fund job retraining and vocational rehabilitation programs to meet the manpower needs of California's changing economy.  I will target resources to the communities of interest who have been most impacted by the economic recession.  Further I oppose phasing out Social Security because it is the safety net for the Baby Boomer generation.

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